2018 Smithsonian Museum Day

We missed out on the Smithsonian magazine’s Free “Museum Day” last year (2017). We do usually like to use the “free” day to visit some local sites that we would not normally visit, or have never visited or even heard of before. Sometimes they are already free but even then they are often ready for new visitors on this particular day.

This year we thought we would miss it again. Well, we were to be out of town at that time visiting friends and family. But wait, what better way to see something different in a different part of the country. This year we were in the Phoenix area during Museum Day and decided to go to the Desert Botanical Garden. Here are some pictures from our visit.

Yes, the weather was clear and beautiful and hot, very HOT. We did take our time and wore ourselves out in the early afternoon. we outlasted our local guides, in the heat, but what better time to visit a desert? This place is recommended!

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